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3D Models by Design3d berlin!

Design3d-berlin provides High quality 3d-models. Our Services are planning and designing custom-built 3D models. We prepare textures and light-setups. The main focus is on design and animating Characters. b>Characterdesign is done step by step from the preliminary drawing up to the final result. It includes modeling, lighting, shading, rigging and animation. Non-Organic Modeling for product, architecture and medical visualization are made with Maxon Cinema4d.

As a rule the final Product we provide is a 3d-image or a Video. We take care for high photorealistic Render Quality. On the other hand design3d-berlin is specialized in real time visualization. We are experienced in game optimized lowPoly modeling and game engine coding.

For a short time we use the great options of google earth v.4.0. So we offer our cusomers to publish their estate direct in google earth.

We work closely with other agencys to assure a steady production pipeline. You can also purchase some of our ready-made 3D models from a couple of established modelbanks.

Duesenberg SSJ
Formats: Cinema 4D, fbx
Polygons: 166 653
Vertices: 188 859
Endeavour (sail ship)
Formats: Cinema 4D
Polygons: 571 608
Vertices: 636 006
Mercedes Actros
Formats: Cinema 4D
Polygons: 292 545
Vertices: 314 773
Opel Kadett D
Formats: Cinema 4D, fbx
Cellphone Sony Ericcson K750i
Formats: Cinema 4D, fbx
Polygons: 22 736
Vertices: 24 665
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