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3d models for school graphics like a DNA test model, a 3d model of a molecule or 3d Visualization of our solar system for kids are main focus of our customers. Create 3d models of Cell biologie as well as 3d models anatomy are good chances for educational purpose of 3D grafic programs. It makes it easier to grasp the DNA Structure for example.

3d design berlin provides computergraphics. We are mastering digital art, digital imaging and all kinds of digitalmedia. Car graphics are in demand as well as material for interior design schools and interior design colleges. Thats why Architecture visualization is the second point of interest. It includes terms like CAD programs and CAD Training. Supporting young artists to improve their skills for interior design career to feel free building 3d objects and 3d meshes by using design software. Bye the way we use not only c4d but 3d studio max export format 3ds. Visit our 3d architecture visualization page for more information.

Current 3d project is present a quarter of Berlin at google Earth due to version google earth 4.1 supports textured buildings. These 3d models are made with scetchup, a free 3d graphics design software for creating 3d models especially for google earth. We offer our customers to publish their estate in google earth as well.

In the first place 3d models come to life by 3d animation. In our animation section you can find some 3d animation downloads.

3d model backyard 3d model greenhouse 3d model parkhouse 3d model spanish house 3d model stars
Format: c4d
Old greenhouse
Format: c4d
Parking house
Format: c4d
Spanish house
Format: c4d
Format: c4d
DNA test