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Since 2007 design3d berlin is involved in the equitation initiative Study horsemanship. A research project with the focus on analysis of the aptitude of horse and equestrian. It is the goal to develop a physiological compatible and anatomic coherent kinematics. Medical 3D Visualization, animation and simulation provides a basis for the resaerch study. The location is Normandy France. For more information visit: www.st-ho.com

corinthian column:
Polygons: 357174
Vertices. 734569
Format: c4d, 3ds, obj, fbx
Cellphone Sony Ericcson W810i
Polygons: 53541
Vertices: 57524
Formats: Cinema 4D, fbx
locomotive BR 74
Formats: Cinema 4D, fbx
Polygons: 142 505
Vertices: 185 823
Formats: Cinema 4D
Postfuhramt Berlin
Formats: c4d, 3ds, obj