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Welcome to this Tutorial about creating metallic carpaint in Cinema 4D by design3d berlin! There are many different ways to make carpaint depending on a huge variety of components such as lightnig, the surface of the model the use of GI and HDRI and others. So keep in mind if you play with these componets you will achieve a different look at a time. But if you follow some rules it will be an easy thing to do.

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Open a new scene and name it carpaint1 for instance. Go to the material manager set color to a gray like RGB 88 ,88 ,88. The main property of metallic shaders is that the color of their reflections is the same like the color of themselfs. A yellow metall like gold for instance reflects yellow light a red one like copper reflects red light and so on. Due to this fact go to Reflections and select exact the same color as before (RBB 88, 88, 88 in our case). Set brightnes to 71 and Mix Strenght to 33 because we will mix it with a texture Channel.
It is true for all carshaders not only for metallic carshaders that the reflective color depends on the point of view and changes with its angle. We can achieve this by using a Fresnel. On the other hand we will combine the Fresnel Reflection with a kind of glitter effect to make our metallic shader more realistic. Thats why we use a Fusion channel consisting of a Random Noise in the blend channel and a Fresnel in the Base Channel. You can leave the default settings of Noise and Fresnel or play with them as you like. Choose 26 for blend.
To underscore the metallic character we use a gradient texture in the Environment section. Set the color to RGB 88 88 88 same as above. (Keep in mind if you change the color of Your metallic shader You have to change these 3 colors simultaneously) Mix Strenght is 22.
The gradient could be like this. Adopt the settings of the image aside.
The last thing to do is the Specularity. Plastic works best. Set width to 35 %, Height to 87%, Fallof to 1 % or so and inner Width to 22%. As Specular Color chose white.

Congratulations carshader is done you are ready!! Use HDRI in sky Object, Global Illumination or use classic light. Feel free to make any changes tweak the settings for You own special needs. Happy rendering!!

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